Guardianship Terms and Conditions

Guardianship Terms and Conditions

Samiad’s obligations

  • Be a 24-hour point of contact for parents, student, School and host family.
  • Act with delegated parental authority in the case of an emergency.
  • Liaise with the School and parents over holiday arrangements.
  • Make appropriate arrangements for medical care.
  • Inform the School in writing about all the details of travel arrangements made prior to a child leaving the School for a weekend or a longer holiday period. The School must know the exact details of pupil’s accommodation and methods of transportation.
  • Provide both pastoral and educational support.

Parents obligations

  • Delegate parental powers to Samiad to act on the parent’s behalf in all matters Samiad see fit.
  • Samiad will be released of all duties of care during any periods of time that the student is under the direct care of the parents or is absent from the school and with family members authorised to act on behalf of the parents (this authorisation must be received in writing).
  • As part of the application process, you have read and understood the medical consent form and delegate powers to Samiad in cases of emergency.
  • You are responsible for the payment of Samiad guardianship fees as listed in your invoice.  You are also responsible for the payment of host family and travel fees at least four weeks in advance.
  • You are required to maintain your deposit account above £500 at all times, if it falls below this amount your Samiad Support manager will discuss the process with you for transferring money (Silver and Gold packages only).
  • To ensure that the Student complies with all rules, regulations, Terms and Conditions of the School and all other reasonable requirements of the School and, if required by the school, to provide written acceptance of its rules, regulations, Terms and Conditions.

Samiad ltd or the parents are able terminate the agreement at any time by giving at least one full term’s notice in writing.  Therefore, any notice given after the start of a term or during a school holiday period, the agreement will finish at the end of the following term.


In the event of expulsion from the school, the agreement will end immediately, and all Samiad’s obligations ending with it.  The parents will not be entitled to a refund of fees for that academic year, and any new enrolment will be treated as a new agreement with Samiad.

Host family cancellations

Host families are booked in advance, therefore if a parent needs to cancel a host family booking, 4 weeks notice is required.

Cancellation charges apply as follows:

4 weeks or more = 0% of host family costs
1 week – 4 weeks notice = 50% of host family costs
Less than 1 week = 100% of host family costs

Exclusions of liability

As it is the parents responsibility to choose a suitable school for the student, Samiad accepts no liability for the choosing or placing of the student with the school nor for the actions or omissions of the students from the school. Although Samiad will assist with the obtaining and renewal of visas, Samiad cannot accept any liability for the visa decision.  All legal responsibility will rest with the parents and or student for obtaining and maintaining the appropriate visa status for the duration of their stay in the UK. Samiad cannot accept liability for the student’s belongings whilst at the school, host family or in transit, and it is the parent/students responsibility to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover. Samiad can advise and assist with travel arrangements, but cannot accept liability for flight delays or cancellations.