Hosting a Child

Host Families

As guardians we rely on our network of excellent host families to house and care for our international students during some weekends and short holidays.  We are always looking to grow this network of host families and hopefully this information shows you the positive experience hosting students can offer.

As a host family you will be required to:

  • Collect and drop off the student at the start and end of their stay
  • Provide a clean bedroom with adequate facilities and use of a bathroom
  • Provide three meals a day
  • Include the student in the families everyday schedule
  • Look after the students welfare (our policies will be provided)

Our host families will receive a per night fee, mileage for collection and dropping off the student, please contact us to find out more.

As part of the application process we will provide training in safeguarding and all of our policies and you will have contact with our local co-ordinator who will be on hand to help and support you.

The process of becoming a host family can start today, please complete our enquiry form on this page if you are interested in finding out more.

Benefits of being a host family

  • Enrich your lives by having someone from a different country or culture stay with you
  • Turn a spare bedroom into additional income
  • Choose when and who you host
  • If you have children, it is a great way of giving them some company and experiences
  • Get excellent support from our local co-ordinators and head office staff


About the Students

Our students are typically international students at a local boarding school, close to your home.  Below is a profile of what our students are like:

  • Our students age can range from 11 – 18 and we obviously have boys and girls.  You can specify which gender and age range you would prefer to host and this is fairly usual.
  • The level of English is typically very good, they have to be a good standard to study at school amongst English speaking students.
  • We have students of all different nationalities and religions, with a large number of Chinese, Russian and Spanish students.



How to become a host family

If you are ready to start your journey to become a Samiad host family then it is a simple step by step guide below:

  1. Please complete our enquiry form on this page, email us or call us on 01212505738.
  2. We will then arrange a telephone interview to discuss the process, your home and family and some of our requirements.
  3. We will then send you a short profile to complete which has details about your family, home and interests.
  4. We will then arrange a face to face visit, so we can chat to you further about what is involved, see your home and take a few pictures.
  5. Following this visit we will then carry out a DBS check on some members of the family and put together a profile which we can send to prospective parents.
  6. Then you are ready to host your first students and we will be in touch regularly to make sure you are happy with everything and to arrange the students stays.


How often will the student(s) be staying with me?


Typically we would contact you about hosting for three or four weekends and half terms each year. It is our aim to arrange for the same host for a student for each of the stays, although it is not always possible.



What if I have to cancel a stay?

There are sometimes unforeseen circumstances that mean that you have to cancel a stay, and we ask that this is done as soon as possible. We have a network of host families, and we will look for alternative arrangements, and the longer we have to do this the less of a shock it is to the students and parents.



Do I have to be home all day to host a student?

We will send you a handbook that explains all of the rules around hosting a students, but for this particular questions, it depends on the students age. If the student is under 14 years old then they cannot be left alone in the house, and we will find a host who is therefore able to stay at home during the day.




Can I host more than one student at a time?

Yes of course, in fact we suggest that more than one student is at each host because it gives them someone to talk with and share the experience with. We have a limit to 3 students at anyone time, and we would prefer them to be the same gender and a similar age.



Do I take the students out on excursions during their stay?

We would encourage host families to include the students in their normal weekends and schedules, but it is of course nice for you to show them the local area and attractions. The students will have spending money for this type of outing, and we also include an expenses policy should they have adequate spending money for small trips like this.


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