Since 2014, Samiad summer school has welcomed students for our junior English courses from over 80 different countries!




We love to see students returning year-on-year to meet with their friends from across the globe they have made in previous years with us.

At every Samiad campus, we limit the number of students who share the same native language to just 20% each week. This helps create an atmosphere where our diverse student cohorts use English to communicate with each other throughout their stay at Samiad.  As well as our summer courses for students being a great opportunity to learn English in the UK, it is also a chance to learn a lot about other cultures from countries across the world!

No matter which country you are from, our friendly staff are on hand to help all students settle in get to know each other.

Whether you come to Samiad on your own or as part of a group, you are guaranteed to meet and make friends from many different countries