Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

The highlight of any Samiad programme continues to be our flagship overnight excursion to Britain’s most popular medieval experience; Warwick Castle!

Each summer, Samiad takes over the luxury Glamping Village within the grounds of Warwick Castle. Here, we explore one of the UK’s largest and best-preserved castles. Housed for the night in medieval tents boasting 21st Century comfort. There are a whole host of shows and attractions, from the firing of the Mighty Trebuchet, the largest remaining medieval siege weapon in the world, to live jousting as the houses of York and Lancashire go head to head in the War of Roses! Our students also have the opportunity to try their hand at sword fighting, archery and even experience what life was like in the torturous dungeons! Dinner and breakfast are both served to our students in the grand banqueting hall, offering a taste of traditional British food while Knights and Princesses wander the hall providing a memorable show!

Every Samiad student joining us at Trent College or Box Hill School, for two weeks or more, will enjoy this fantastic and once in a lifetime experience included as part of their course.


Day 1

14:00 Arrive at Warwick Castle
14:30 Flight of the Eagles Show
15:30 Bowman Show
16:30 The Mighty Trebuchet
17:30 Medieval Banquet
18:30 Glamping Village Activities
21:00 Samiad Activities (Pillow Fight and Ghost Stories!)

Day 2

08:30 Breakfast
10:00 Entry to the Castle
10:15 Warwick Castle Dungeons
10:45 Walk the Castle walls and explore the Castle rooms
12:00 Departure from Warwick Castle