What are Guardianships

What is Guardianship?

International students who are studying in the UK are required to have a guardian in place. A Guardian can be any adult, sometimes a friend or family member already based in the UK who can be on hand in case of any emergency. If an international student does not already have a family member or a responsible adult in the UK, who they can nominate as guardian, then they have the option of appointing an organisation, such as Samiad Guardians, to provide a guardianship service.

Our guardianship services cover the majority of the UK, where we have good relationships with a number of top schools. We can also help you to find a place and get accepted into schools across the country!

Our Guardians provide a 24-hour emergency contact to each of our students, 7 days a week. We provide excellent host family options with trusted families all over the UK, and we even offer our students a hands-on work experience placement each year!

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